Learning Toyohari


Take your acupuncture skills to the next level

Due to the covid pandemic, the next program has been delayed until 2022

The Toyohari Foundation Program has been specifically developed to teach the foundations of Toyohari over nine months with the same material that is taught over two years in Japan.


Unique group practice methods rapidly escalate your ability to feel and work with qi, diagnose the most difficult cases, learn six position comparative pulse diagnosis and use effective feedback methods via palpation of the abdomen, meridians and pulse to see if your treatment is working.


This traditional style of teaching and learning encourages a very deep exploration of what it means to be an acupuncturist and how to balance qi and blood, yin and yang and the five phases within the meridians.

Regardless of your previous acupuncture background, studying Toyohari will elevate your sense of touch and connect you to the heart and power of what is possible as an acupuncturist.  

Graduation from the 120-hour (20 day) program entitles graduates to join Toyohari Australasia through one of its Australian or New Zealand branches and become a Registered Toyohari Practitioner (Japan). 

On completion of the Toyohari Foundation Program, graduates are eligible to join Toyohari Australasia which gives you access to ongoing training and mentorship with the Japanese teachers as well as the senior teaching faculty in the west led by Stephen Birch. 

The prerequisite for this course is acupuncture registration in the country your practice in. In Australia, this means that you must have an undergraduate degree with an acupuncture major, or equivalent, and be registered with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board or another section of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Send us a message to discuss your eligibility.

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