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Take your acupuncture skills to the next level

The Toyohari Advanced Program has been designed to help the Toyohari practitioner develop their academic and clinical skills. It has six days of training per year for two years primarily with two non-Japanese resident instructors and with a guest lecturer to help develop specific themes within the program. The program therefore comprises a total of twelve days of study in total. The 12 days is usually divided into 4 x 3 day weekends presented over 2 years.

Practical training is based in the Kozato method and is over 30% of the course is spent hands on, enabling participants to really take their skills to the next level. 

Completion of this program will allow the Toyohari member to become a Registered Toyohari Academic Practitioner and is a pre-requisite to become a future Toyohari instructor. Future Toyohari instructors will be selected from among the pool of Registered Toyohari Academic Practitioners. 

The prerequisite for entry into this course is the successful completion of the Toyohari Foundation Course

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