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When you become a Registered Toyohari Practitioner and actively maintain your membership, you benefit in many ways.

To become a Registered Toyohari Practitioner, you need to successfully complete the Foundation Course


Membership benefits include:

  • The right to use the term Registered Toyohari Practitioner (Japan), an international trademark. 

  • Access to regular local branch study days enabling improvement and refinement of skills with peer feedback via Kozato practice.

  • Eligibility to attend National Seminars held every two years, taught by senior Teachers from Japan.

  • Participation in Summer School training programs in Tokyo, led by highly experienced Japanese teachers.

  • Access to the updates on acupuncture theory, point location, diagnosis and needle techniques as carried out by senior teachers in Toyko.

  • Eligibility to attend any Toyohari conference held internationally in conjunction with European and American branches of the Toyohari Association.

  • Subscription to the International Toyohari News Journal.

  • Listing your clinic information on this website for the general public.

  • Access to an International Toyohari News Group that discuss various clinical cases, share treatment advice and clinical experience as well as link with other Toyohari practitioners worldwide.

  • Access a Members Only section of the Toyohari Australasia web page.

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